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PostPosted: Wed Jul 06, 2016 1:13 pm 

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I have a Casi-Rusco / Secure Perfect v3.1 system that has apparently lost communication to the first Micro.
The connection between Secure Perfect and the primary Micro is a Direct cable.
There are 3 micros.
Micro 1 controls the first floor door readers and is primary.
Micro 2 controls the second floor doors.
Micro 3 is an extension of first floor devices.
All three have a Status of Error.
All three have a Connection of "Setup Connection".
Micro 1 has lost it's memory.
Micro 1 CPU board has status lights for "Offline" and "Waiting for Database".

Nothing has changed.
This is a sudden failure.

The cable appears to test OK.
The COM port has tested OK and appears to be properly configured.
The Micro 1 communication board shows TX / RX for J2 and J3.

The first floor card readers are not functioning.
The second floor card readers are functioning on their stored database.
Having the second floor card readers working is a VERY GOOD THING.
Having the first floor card readers down is irritating, but workable.

==> I Do Not Want To Loose The Second Floor Card Readers <==

My question:
Is it possible to try talking to the Micro 3 communication board and putting Micro 3 in the primary position WITHOUT jeopardizing Micro 2?
What are the steps?
This is what I'm thinking:
In Secure Perfect, mark all 3 Micros as "Offline".
Move the communication cable to the Micro 3 communication board.
See if the Communication status at the bottom of the SP window changes.
Change Micro 3 to primary.
Change Micro 1 to secondary to Micro 3.
Try to bring Micro 3 Online.

I have no idea if this is even the correct way to troubleshoot this issue.

Thing is, I'm just an IT person, not a security company.
We are trying to bring in a security company to help, but they are busy.
Thanks for your help!

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 03, 2016 10:58 pm 

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Usually you have a head of line micro. Then you have downstreams from the head of line. If micro 1 isnt working (i.e. Card readers not functional) it has lost its database. I would disconnect 2&3 if they are downstream and then power reset micro 1 by pulling power off the Power/comm board in 1 and waiting about 30 seconds & plugging it back in. You cant really just make the change in software, you would need to repull the comm cable to the new Head of line. If 1 comes back online & normals out, then plug the downstreams back in.

-I highly suggest you contact a company who can get you upgraded to Lenel or Facility Commander. Ive fought those old picture perfect servers. They are VERY frustrating. Are you in the Southeast?

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 04, 2016 10:56 am 

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Hi Robert,

Thanks so much for your response!
We are in Santa Fe, NM.
We were able to purchase a working Comm board of the same vintage.
We made sure the switches were in the same position, plugged it in, and our system is functioning again.
Hurray! (... but knock on wood)
We also purchased a micro board and another Comm board for cold-spare backup.

Yes, we do need to replace the system, but we have not been able to afford to do it yet.
I have noted and appreciate your suggestions and input on replacement ideas.

Again, thank you so much for your response!
I wish we were in the same area.

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